I want to know ...


  • If you looked at librarians or even MLS students in the old days, they are indeed very much in fashion! While now the image of a typical librarian is not 'pretty', definitely not healthy… What happened?
    • background: Around 2004, a few of us SLIS students were asked to mimic pose of an archived photo taken during an MLS class. Those students are astonishing!
      Then today (Sep-23-2011), I am preparing my lecture on the topic history of electronic resources and find a photo taken in 1964 at NLM, I get the same impression about the way they dressed.
    • well, it may not related to the librarian profession per se.
  • How many times did you watch a movie or read a novel, in which a detective went to a library to find the subtle/deep clues to connect the dots or to have an epiphany?
    • background: over the summer of 2011, read lots of detective fictions and relocated to a library school
    • I thought Google Book ngrams might be a good resources to check on this, but unfortunately, there is no way to know if "detective" and "librar*" occur in the same documents,
      not to mention in a paragraph or other window size .
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