Research Projects

Suicide Prevention (2012-)

Understand and prevent suicide via the lens of the Web

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research overview


Opinion Detection (2006-2012)

Automatic identification of opinions in user generated content (e.g., blogs). Immediate applications include opinion search, automatic tagging, and product/service monitoring:

  • Designed and developed an opinion retrieval system that yielded several top runs for the opinion retrieval task in Blog track 2006 and 2007.
  • Developed a prototype for identifying user intentions and valuable recommendation information from instant messaging (IM) data, in collaboration with Yahoo! Research.
  • Explored semi-supervised learning methods for tackling major challenges in opinion detection (i.e., insufficient labeled data and domain transfer).

WIDIT & TREC (2005-2008)

Mainly, under the supervision of my advisor, I played a leading role in the development and evaluation of the Web Information Discovery Integrated Tool (WIDIT), a system providing a platform for rapid prototyping and collaboration in information retrieval research. From 2005 to 2008, WIDIT produced several top runs in high accuracy retrieval (HARD Track) and blog opinion retrieval (Blog Track) competitions at the annual International Text Information Retrieval Conference (TREC), held by NIST. In the blog opinion retrieval task, WIDIT yielded the top rating for 2007 and 2008, out of more than twenty participating research groups from all over the world.

CSKD & JiTTDL (2004-2007)

JiTTDL (Just in Time Teaching Digital Library) is an NSF-funded project at US Air Force Academy that will develop the digital library for Just-in-Time pedagogical resources. The tasks for our CSKD(Classification-based Search and Knowledge Discovery) group are to develop a facet vocabulary for the digital objects and design prototype for the search system. My responsibilities include developing a search system with simple/advanced keyword search and RDF search and participating in creating faceted classification for the Just-in-Time pedagogical resources and created a prototype system for a faceted search.

Blog Visualization (2004)

This is a project I've done while I was working as a graduate assistant for Professor Susan Herring. The main goal is to creat a weblog visualization for demonstrating the distribution, evolvement and connections of bloggers in the blogosphere. I generated both static and dynamic visualization to clearly paint interlinked clusters on blogosphere and the co-authored paper was nominated for HICSS-38 (Hawaii International Conference On System Sciences) Best Paper Prize. The Visualization was also invited to be presented at Language of Networks, Ars Electronica 2004, Austria. (a full-size image can be found here and a related poster can be found here)

blog visualization

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